In my Spanish classes, I prioritize oral communication. We engage in abundant conversation during sessions. We also include written exercises to help students acquire vocabulary and grammar. The atmosphere in my classes is welcoming, pleasant, and relaxed, encouraging natural Spanish conversation. I provide corrections when needed and repeat as necessary.

My group Spanish courses are extensive, taking place 1 or 2 days a week, with 1.5-hour classes and a maximum of 5 or 7 students. Private Spanish classes can be extensive (1 or 2 classes a week) or intensive (3-4-5 classes a week) based on student preferences.

I employ the “spaced learning” method, where we learn, practice, and review new material. This approach promotes lasting learning. Reviews are crucial; I regularly orally quiz students on previously studied topics. As the saying goes, “Repetition is the mother of study.” Practice is key.

With a maximum of 7 students per group, everyone remains engaged. Speaking Spanish continuously makes each class intensive. The emphasis is on speaking Spanish, covering various subjects of interest. Vocabulary and grammar are studied with written exercises and then practiced orally.

I recommend students practice at home too. We adjust the pace based on their progress—some topics require more practice, others less. Students can also delve into specific interests, such as grammar, culture, or customs. Spanish culture and traditions are integral; I share history, festivals, news, music, food, and more.

I provide explanations in Spanish, translating when necessary. I highlight distinctions between Castilian and Andalusian accents. As students advance, I incorporate the Andalusian accent to deepen their understanding of local speech. We use songs, TV shows, and radio programs in Andalusian accent to enhance comprehension.

In addition to teaching Spanish, I impart cultural insights and address accent variations, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.