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Face-to-face and online group classes. The student can choose if they want to attend Spanish classes in person or if they prefer Spanish classes online, via Skype. In the classroom there is a television and camera system that allows us to see and hear each other comfortably. In each group there are 5-8 students, so I can listen and correct them easily.

In group classes, conversation is combined with grammar and the acquisition of new vocabulary. Oral communication in Spanish is the priority and that is why we deal with topics of interest to students. The main objective is for students to speak Spanish in class and thus be able to gain fluency when it comes to communicating on a day-to-day basis.

Group Spanish classes are one hour and a half (90 minutes), most groups have class 1 day a week, some groups are two days a week. Students can attend two groups of a similar level and can also combine group classes with private classes, so they can attend Spanish classes several times a week.

At the end of each class I recommend my students to do some homework exercises and we correct them in the next class.