9 tips for learning Spanish

  1. Read aloud in Spanish: newspaper articles, magazines, novels,… any reading that you like. Even if you don’t understand it, little by little the structures of the sentences in Spanish will be assimilated by your brain and after a while you will be able to produce those sentences naturally.
  2. Watch television and listen to talk shows on the radio in Spanish. Don’t worry if you don’t understand. You will learn Spanish pronunciation and intonation and after a while you will begin to understand and produce sentences in  panish naturally.
  3. Listen to songs in Spanish and translate them with the help of the written lyrics, by listening to them repeatedly you will learn sentences by heart that will help you when speaking Spanish.
  4. Read the street signs in Spanish, write down the words that you don’t know and look them up in the dictionary. If you often read those signs when you walk down the street, you will memorize them.
  5. Do Spanish grammar and pronunciation exercises, you can use books on paper or in digital format and exercises on the Internet. There are many apps and many Spanish teachers who give very good explanations in internet and they can help you a lot.
  6. Try to socialize with Spanish people, most Spanish people like to talk a lot. Show your Spanish neighbors and acquaintances that you know how to speak Spanish and that you are interested in subjects related to Spain and Spanish culture. Visit places where they speak Spanish: restaurants, cafeterias, shops…. In Fuengirola and near Fuengirola there are areas where only Spanish is spoken.
  7. Exchange Spanish-English. There are many Spaniards who want to improve their English level, if you get together and speak Spanish for a while and English for a while, the two of you will be able to learn a lot about the other language and about other cultures.
  8. Attend Spanish classes: teachers guide and accompany the students when learning Spanish and we also correct them, if necessary. When we learn a language as adults, we need explanations to understand why we have to use one tense and not another, or what is the difference between one word and another, these explanations can only be given by a
    good Spanish teacher.
  9. Be patient and kind to yourself, to learn any language you need to be very patient, your brain is working hard to learn a foreign language. You will make mistakes, you will forget words…it is normal when you are learning Spanish. The most important thing is to keep reading and speaking Spanish and one day for sure you will understand and speak Spanish fluently.