Welcome to the Spanish language

The Spanish language is one of the largest in the world. The growing importance of the Spanish commercial and cultural level and speak Spanish is an advantage that you can exploit.

At our academy you will learn to speak Spanish from the first day of class. Our method is focused so you can converse in Spanish in everyday life. If you can manage speaking in Spanish, his life in Spain will be much easier and enjoyable.

We are a small school and this helps us to have personal contact with our students, taking all your doubts and questions immediately.

We are located in the center of Los Boliches, where you can find all necessary services: trains, buses, shops, banks, cafes … while enjoying the charm of a neighborhood. Our school is 2 minutes walk from the beach and 15 minutes away from the center of Fuengirola, Spain.

We give priority to oral communication, so we have a lot in our conversation classes for students to put into practice the grammar and vocabulary studied in the exercises.

We create a cordial and friendly atmosphere for students to speak naturally. Correct its mistakes without pressure.

In addition to transmitting the language, we attach great importance to the Spanish culture and provide our students about the history, traditions, festivals and local events.

The Spanish is spoken in our school. Outside of class students can read in Spanish, watch TV in Spanish, listening to music in Spanish … but in class we want students to speak Spanish fluently and catching when it comes to communicating in Spanish.

Can anyone learn Spanish?

Yeeeees, of course!

Some people think they can not learn Spanish. We have students who have tried to learn Spanish themselves or in other schools and they have not succeeded, but was surprised when after a few classes at Euro-Lingua Speak Spanish!

Some students learn Spanish more quickly than others and we repeat that in our classes and we go as often as necessary, depending on each group and each person.

After much time teaching Spanish, we can affirm that all people can attain a sufficient level of Spanish to communicate in everyday situations.

Age is not an obstacle, once arrived at a young adulthood of 20 years is just as easy to learn Spanish that a person 65 and older people often get better results.

Yes! you can also speak Spanish! Come by Euro-Lingua and check it out.